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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Movies and Such

Daniel and I went with some friends and saw Bolt in 3-D last night. It was so AWESOME! It was a really cute, fun, family movie with a great message. (Such a nice change after Wall-E). The hamster was my absolute favorite.

I read the entire Twilight series over the weekend. I decided it was important to read the books before I was too harsh on them. I have to say that I was really disappointed. I like vampires and werewolves, but felt that the romance in the book was an excuse for a real story. Plus, Bella was unbearable whiney. The fourth book wasn’t half bad, but it wasn’t worth it to read through the whole series to get to it.

We had Thanksgiving with my mother’s family on Saturday in Idaho. It was really pretty there, even though it was a little bit cold. And, it was nice to see my aunts and uncles. They all like Daniel a lot. (Why wouldn’t they)!

In other news, I had a job interview today. I’ve applied to work in our congress-man elect’s district office. Honestly, it’s a kind of a long shot, but I really really hope it works out. The interview went well, and I’m really excited about the prospect. I won’t know anything for a while, probably a few weeks in December. But, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Happy Thanksgiving!