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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight

So, Daniel surprised me and got tickets to see “The Dark Knight” which I have been excited about since “Batman Begins” came out.  I love Christian Bale as Batman, and really just love the idea of Batman as a superhero.

The movie definitely did not disappoint. It was pretty much nonstop action from the first scene to the end. There was a point in the middle of the movie where it slowed a little bit. In fact, I remember looking at the clock on my phone and thinking, there is no way this is over. And it wasn’t.

I was so impressed with Heath Ledger as the Joker. When they first announced that he would be playing the part, I admit I was a little skeptical. But after seeing previews, I began to be convinced. Well, he definitely threw his heart and soul into the role. He was able to portray a sick, twisted criminal who, in the words of Alfred, “just wants to see the world burn.” The movie was all about the Joker. Batman was almost a side character.

Throughout the whole movie Batman, Gordon, and Harvey Dent are coming up with these plans to stop the Joker from murdering and causing general chaos. But, he’s always a step ahead of them and uses their plans against them.  I didn’t read the comics as a kid and I didn’t know that Harvey Dent became Two Face.  I was pretty sad about that. I liked Harvey and what he represented.

I had two favorite parts in the movie. The first was when the prisoner threw the key to the bomb overboard. I wanted to give him a standing ovation. The second was at the very end when Harvey Dent died and Batman tells Gordon to call in that Batman killed all the people that Harvey actually killed. Batman says, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And I can do both of those things.” People need to have their faith rewarded.

All in all, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and definitely the best superhero movie. Heath Ledger as the joker will be the bar by which all other villains are judged. It’s a must-see in the theaters and is a movie you can watch over and over again.  The only complaint that I have really is I didn’t like the replacement for Rachel Dawes. The other warning I would give is that this is not a children’s movie. It is very dark and while not bloody, it is violent.

Anyway, let me know what you thought of the movie!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

I love Independence Day. It’s my favorite holiday, hands down. And I like living near Provo for Independence Day. We have the biggest celebration in the country here. The fourth of July to me is a time to step back and think about all the things I love about our country instead of focusing on all the things I’d like to change.

We are in a state of turmoil right now; however, I believe that things aren’t so different now as they were in 1776. We face many of the same problems as they did. I am grateful that the founding fathers sacrificed their fortune and good name to give me freedom.

I owe my love of country to my parents. Independence Day is a pretty big deal in my family. My mom will usually read stories and quotes about the Declaration of Independence to us. I hope to do that one day with my family. Because, no matter our faults and shortcomings, we are the best nation in the world. And I am proud to be a part of it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This has been a pretty eventful week. I can hardly believe that we are into July. Especially since we seemed to just have skipped Spring.

I was able to round up a lot of wedding and reception photos this last week. And I used my Adobe Lightroom magic to touch them up a little. They aren’t as totally gorgeous as my photographer seems to make them, but I think I’m getting closer. Either way, it was nice to have some more pictures. Here are a few I liked best.

(Images were on iWeb and I'm too lazy to import them)

I just realized something really weird the other day as well. I was looking at my wedding photos and realized that my brothers Jacob and Samuel were not at the temple after my wedding. And I have no idea why.

The Jason Chaffetz campaign asked me last Saturday to head up the social media team. Which basically means that I am going to be in charge of everything Facebook and MySpace related. I thought that was kind of neat.

But, I think the most exciting news this week was that I finally found some shorts that fit and that I like.  I’ve been on a search ever since the weather got nice. Either they are too short or too wide, or I didn’t like the color. (I’m quite picky when it comes to clothes). I had given up and bought a pattern and was going to have my sister make some for me. But, I went to Urban Wear in the University Mall and saw the perfect ones. I was so happy. I told the clerk that she needed to get more of that style in more colors. It literally made my week.

Anyway, Daniel and I also got a cute little barbecue grill from my parents. I’m excited about it because now dinner will be easy. And Daniel can be a macho man and help out. :)

And now, for one last picture