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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Pregnancy Glow

I think this one may actually be a myth. I had three people make the comment today at work that I looked pale. This was of course true.

I spent most of the night getting kicked in the abdomen by a superhuman fetus. Although, I didn’t actually feel it, if that makes sense.

I’m still looking to that 15 week mark as my light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know what I’ll do if I’m still sick then.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trimester 2

And... 14 weeks is here!

I still feel lousy. But, I think I’ve discovered that I have to eat every 2-3 hours. And can’t ever skip. It’s really frustrating, but it seems to be curbing the worst of the nausea.

Pretty much everyone at my job knows about the pregnancy now. We had a staff meeting with everyone, and almost all of them asked or commented about it. They were nice and accommodating of my inability to do things like repeatedly bend over, standing for long periods of time, and lack of appetite.

Tomorrow I’ve got another appointment to hear the heart beat. I’m always glad to have confirmation of the baby inside.

I *think* I felt the baby move once this week. I am constantly feeling weird stuff in that region, but I did feel something different on Tuesday. It was deep in my pelvis and almost felt like a muscle twitch. There were about 4 of them and then they went away. I haven’t felt it since. Who knows.

My belly is getting bigger. My pants don’t fit very well at all anymore. And, I do look chunky. Although, when I was at Camp Williams this week one of the women asked how far along I was. I said 13 weeks and she said, “Wow, you’re tiny!”

One more week until the gender ultrasound and the inevitable Facebook announcement. I’m pretty sure that most of my friends that are making Facebook announcements now are due after me, which gives me a strange sense of satisfaction.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The OMH Moment

I always say “Oh my heck,” when something is surprising. I’m very Utah in that way.

So, I had a OMH moment when I went to put on a pair of pants and they were seriously hard to button up. Now, I have this totally skewed view of my body and I never know if what my perception is is actually correct. Lately I’ve felt HUGE! But, I’ve gained like a total of an inch around my waist and lost 12 pounds. (Go try and figure that one out). Plus, everyone who knows about the pregnancy has been saying, “You haven’t changed at all!” And, the people who don’t know, haven’t asked.

I suppose that should be confirmation enough. However, I give you a picture. You tell me, do I look fat? :) btw, I know it’s pretty grainy, but that’s all I had energy for today.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mountain View or Utah Valley?

I’m trying to decide which hospital to give birth at.

Yes, I am having a hospital birth, with an epidural. And no, I won’t watch “The Business of Being Born,” or any other material you may have on the dangers of hospital births. If you feel comfortable having a baby in the same bed, tub, couch, whatever that you use every single day, then go right on ahead. (rant over) (and “you” is directed at no specific person)
Anyway, I have two options that are close. Mountain View Hospital is about 5 minutes away, and still in Payson. It’s run by Mountain Star, and I know that my brother Samuel was delivered there. Basically the pro’s to Mountain View is that it’s close. Con’s are that I don’t know much about the hospital and whether it’s any good for delivery.

Utah Valley is in Provo and is about 25 minutes away. It’s run by IHC, and I was born there. I know lots of people that have delivered there and I think their experiences have been good. Pro’s are: I like IHC, I was born there, and I just like it. Con’s are: It’s far away and I don’t have any real concrete reasons why I like it.

Looks like I’m back to where I started... Dang it.

Friday, August 14, 2009


So, I’ve been sneezing like you wouldn’t believe the last few days. I thought maybe it was allergies (despite the fact that I’ve never been affected by them before). Well, a quick Google search led me to discover a wonderful condition called Pregnancy rhinitis. Basically 20-30% of pregnant women get it in their first trimester. You get sneezing, nasal itching, congestion, the works. It lasts for about 6 weeks.

It’s a wonder anyone gets pregnant.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TP Tuesday and Midweek Checkup

Well, yesterday I was 8 squares again... I feel like I’m getting fatter. But, apparently I’m not. Ha ha ha!

Okay, two ups:

Well, it’s really just one big up. I told my boss today that I am pregnant. Well, bosses. And, they were both very excited and nice about it. My apprehension really was for nothing. And, I’m pretty sure that the whole work thing will figure itself out.

On that note, I just found out that I get 4 weeks paid maternity leave! I thought I was getting 12 weeks unpaid. But, apparently, 4 of those will be paid. This is great news.

Two downs:

I think I need to have a spittoon with me at all times. I am producing so much extra saliva. It’s nuts. And I hate it. I hate having it my mouth, and I hate swallowing it.

Still no appetite, and no digestion to speak of. Today for lunch I decided I really wanted a sandwich. I got about two bites into it and realized that I definitely didn’t want it. Daniel got to eat it for dinner.

That’s it for me. Tomorrow is week 12! Except, I can’t figure out something. Is it the end of my 12th week? Or is it the beginning? I can’t remember!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Midweek Ups and Downs

I find it’s easier for me to blog on a regular basis if I have some kind of set routine. So, Wednesday will be my “ups and downs” days. I got the idea from the Pregtastic podcast. Every week the preggos talk about two things that are going well in their pregnancy and two things that aren’t going so well.


I got a killer deal on a bassinet at a yardsale on Saturday. $5! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, and I knew I had to have it. I took it apart and washed everything, and it looks so darn cute.

Also, I’m finally able to make it all the way through work now. Usually. The nausea medication seems to be working for the most part. And, I heard word that my boss is going to be in town next Wednesday. So, I’ll definitely tell him then. And then we can do a nice little Facebook announcement. But, I won’t be announcing the blog for awhile due to the privacy of some individuals. (wink)


I’m not super down with the fact that nothing tastes like it’s supposed to. Chicken is totally blah right now. Water is gross unless it’s got something like Crystal Light in it. Makes the whole drinking tons of water thing really hard.

Still don’t have a lot of energy. And, just a general feeling of not being myself. I get home from work and turn into a total slug. Poor Daniel picks up all my slack. But, I hear that in the second trimester things improve a lot. Definitely looking forward to that. And Christmas.