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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I had a great day today. I woke up feeling pretty good. After I had breakfast, I felt like I could take on the world.

Daniel’s dad came over to congratulate us on the ultrasound. We hung out with him for awhile, and ate some lunch.

Then, I did some shopping! I’ve been really excited to start decorating for Fall. So, I went to Joann’s Fabric and Craft in Spanish Fork and bought a bunch of supplies for a beautiful Fall wreath. I also went to Macey’s and did some major grocery shopping. By that time I started to get a little tired, so I came home.

Puppy and I listened to the BYU game. (I think really soon we may be getting cable so I can start watching the game). I also assembled my new wreath. It looks really cute. I just poked all the elements in so I can change it out for Christmas.

I sent Daniel out to Smith’s to get a few more things. (They were part of the caselot sale, and I just couldn’t lift all the cases). I’ve bought some things for smoothies that I can make at home. I just wish I had a bigger freezer for all my things...

One thing I’d like to start doing is have big cooking days once a week. Then, I can freeze the meals or parts of them to use throughout the week when I’m too tired and lazy to cook dinner. If you’d like to join me for a cooking party some week, let me know!

Anyway, that was my day today. No throwing up. I had a little nausea before dinner, but it had been awhile since I’d eaten. So, overall a good, productive day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's a Girl!!

So, most of you have already read Facebook, Twitter, or received a phone call or text. Because it’s just too darn exciting for me to keep it in. I’ve been keeping the baby thing a kind of secret from the general public for 16 weeks now! And I’m not a secret keeper!

Here are some photos from our ultrasound. The one at the top is baby’s face. One day it will be cute. Right now, it’s a little skeleton like and scary.

Anyway, that ultrasound was totally worth it. As I was driving back to work afterwards, I was looking at the pictures. (Okay, chill out. I was at a stoplight. Totally safe.) I was looking at all the cute little body parts and remembering watching her swim around. And I thought for the first time in awhile, “You know what? I can do this.” Yeah, the sickness sucks, and it’s still hanging around. But, I’ve got a cute little girl growing inside and she’s worth it. I can’t wait to meet her.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to Square One

I spoke too soon about having some relief. The progesterone poisoning was back in full force today. I took a sick day yesterday. I am so grateful to have a job that is flexible enough for me to take some rest time when it is really needed. I really do feel taken care of by my employer. Everyone in the office is concerned about my health.

One of Sen. Bennett’s staff came into the office today to see how I was feeling. She knew I had taken the day off yesterday. Unfortunately, she came in right after I’d had an “episode” so I was really pale and teary-eyed. She was very kind and said she hoped I felt better. I told her that lately I just felt really burdensome to those around me. (My husband, family, friends, church, work, etc). She said, “Don’t you have visiting teachers or someone that can come by and help you with things when you need them?” I said that sadly I wasn’t assigned any visiting teachers, and I didn’t feel really comfortable calling on people to do things for me.

But, I think the biggest down thing for me is just that I really do feel like such a burden. I can’t go to church and teach the sunbeams, so I leave my team-teacher high and dry every week. Daniel has been doing all the cooking and cleaning pretty much since week 6. My job has been flexible, but I’m just not putting in the effort that I’m used to. I flake out on visits and get-togethers with friends and family because I’m just too sick to travel 20-30 minutes in a car.

I know this can’t last forever, and I keep praying that I can have a more positive attitude about this whole experience. I’m hoping our gender ultrasound goes well and that I have a little more to look forward to in this pregnancy.

Thanks to my little handful of readers for all your support. You guys mean the world to me, really.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Foot in my stomach

So, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling some kicks and such. But yesterday I had a really wild experience.

I was feeling some pretty intense pressure about an inch below my belly button. It was almost like someone was pushing at my belly button from the inside. So, I put my hand on the source of the pressure and to my great surprise I felt a totally hard lump.

Since I’m still losing weight, 90% of the world can’t tell that I’m pregnant. My belly isn’t hard to touch normally. So, I have to wonder, was this a head or foot that I felt in my abdomen? After I poked it for about 30 seconds, it disappeared.

5 more days until we get our gender ultrasound!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Clothes

It’s been a pretty good while since I’ve been shopping. I didn’t buy any new summer clothes, and I’ve been doing well about saving money.

Well, the time has come to invest in some new clothes. Mostly because I can hardly fit into my old stuff anymore.

So I bought the above pictured pants at They are fantastic! They have an elastic waist and are totally comfortable. And they were $13.50. I got them in the mail today and I was so happy. I don’t think I’ll ever wear anything else again. I just wish they had more colors. (Mine are tan, btw, not black)