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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Newest Family Member

Her name is Tonks, and yes, she is just as cute as she looks.

We got Tonks from the breeder on Saturday. Our good friends are taking care of her temporarily until we move into my parent’s house later this month. She’s about four and half months old, and loves to sniff and give puppy kisses in your ear.

She hasn’t been too difficult to train, which is great, because Beagles are known for being stubborn. She has a great personality and we really like her a lot.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I got tagged a long time ago, but late is better than never, right? And, I couldn’t remember much past 6...

8 Favorite Restaurants...
Tucanos (I usually eat my body weight in meat...mmm)
 Los 3 Amigos (The beef chimichanga with green chile sauce)
 Red Robin (The fish and chips)
Papa Murphy’s
My mom’s house

8 things that happened yesterday...
1. I got a much anticipated second job interview
2. Went to work
3. Played WoW and almost completed Stratholme
4. Called my mom
5. Made some super secret saturday plans
6. Cleaned up nothing and did no dishes
7. Watched a movie
8. Played Christmas songs on the piano

8 things to look forward to...
1. Saturday
2. Christmas
3. My bff coming home from her mission
4. Moving out of the spider house
5. Moving into my parent’s house
6. Going to Washington DC
7. Batman coming out on DVD

8 Favorite TV Shows...
1. The Office
2. House
3. Glenn Beck
4. The Colbert Report (not so much anymore though)
6. Nick at Nite

8 things I love about Fall...
1. The feeling in the air
2. The smell
3. Hot Chocolate
4. The leaves
5. Nice weather which lasts about 12 hours here in Utah
6. Sweaters

8 things on my wishlist...
1. Our own house
2. No more debt
3. Better jobs
4. Done with school
5. To get to level 80 on WoW
6. A puppy
7. A kitten