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Friday, November 18, 2011

House Updates

Two weeks since my last post, and we're still moving along on the home buying process. We were supposed to close on November 21, but due to some snags (seems there is always something), we probably won't close until the week after that. No big deal, but it does put us on a much tighter moving schedule than we had originally anticipated. (Think 3 days instead of 10)

This is what the next week and a half looks like for us:

Monday, November 21. New window will be installed in the master bedroom to fix the broken one.

Wednesday, November 23. Day we will be allowed access to the house to clean and do other minor work before closing.

Provided some sort of miracle happens, we might be able to close Wednesday or Friday. But, we're not counting on it.

Monday, November 28. Closing day!

Tuesday, November 29 First day of moving, and also bathroom demo day. We'll rip out the shower stall insert and get everything ready for....

Wednesday, November 30 install new tub and tile the shower. Also, second day of moving.

Thursday, December 1 all things will be moved into new house. If I'm not dead by then, I'm hoping to have time to paint the bathroom and take out the wallpaper and everything.

How does that sounds for insane? If you are in the area and want to help move, I can say that we're definitely going to need it. I've got most of our stuff boxed up now, but I'll need help either pulling out the shower or getting stuff from Payson to Lindon.

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