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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The New House

Apologies for so severly neglecting this blog. However, in light of some recent events, I've decided to blow off the dust, and make it something I update a little more often.

Daniel and I have put an offer in on a house in Lindon. Daniel was accepted to the engineering program at the University of Utah. And since Payson is a little far to commute for Daniel, we looked into renting in the area near the point of the mountain. Turns out rent is really high in that area. So, we looked into buying. In a whirlwind of events in which I fell in love with this house, we're under contract.

Things I love about this house:
  • It has oodles of exterior charm. It's much cuter than the many ranch/ramblers we saw.
  • It's close to I-15, so Daniel's commute won't be all that long.
  • It's in a great neighborhood in Lindon.
  • It sits on a spacious .5 acres. Which is a far cry from the 7.5 acres I grew up on, but I still love it.
  • It has some large trees and buildings in the back that will be perfect for Abigail to run around in.
With these great features; however, it comes with some grandma charm that will have to be... fixed. I will take you through the tour.

The first room is the living room/front room. It's large, with plain white walls. The light fixture puts some strange shadows on the wall, so it will definitely have to be replaced. There is a piano in the other corner. I don't think that's staying, which is a shame. It looks awesome.

Right off the front room is the master bedroom. This room features some lovely vinyl-like paneling on the walls. However, one of the things I do love, are the bay windows on the side.
Through the front room is the kitchen:

Yes, that is a window. I'll show you what it looks into in a moment, for now we're going to make a turn into the hall.

And make a left into the bathroom. This is the only photo I took of it, and I think part of the reason why is because of the crazy wallpaper. But, the bathroom only has a stand-in shower. We're going to rip it out and put a bathtub in before we move in. Abigail will not shower. Plus, babies in the tub is part of childhood.

Next room is the office/spare room. We're not sure exactly what we're going to do with it right away.

I feel like I should mention at this time, that this is not our stuff in the house. There are renters in the house right now, and it's their stuff.

Then there is a second bedroom. This one will probably be Abigail's room.

And, then there is the secret room behind the window in the kitchen. This was an addition onto the house.

Why they didn't take out the window that looks into the kitchen, I'll never know. But, it will be taken out and sheet-rocked over.

And yes, the laundry area is just sitting in the den. This will be framed in. And the window looking out into the garage will be taken out.

Now, for the yard:

So, what do you think? Any suggestions for making the yard/house beautiful and live up to its exterior charm? We are closing end of November, so stay tuned for updates!


  1. I adore the exterior!! It looks way cute. I can't say I'm a fan of the wood paneling everywhere though. I would totally tear that stuff out. The yard looks pretty big. That will be so nice for your kids. If you want your lawn done professionally, Dave and I really loved the guys that did our yard. We can give you their number. They were really well priced and did a great job. I'm way excited for you guys!!!

  2. I'm not a fan of the wood paneling either. The dark wood paneling in Abigail's room will be painted. The rest of it will be ripped out. It's going to be fuuuun.

  3. plenty of room to grow and it's got a lot of character. it will be fun to see your progress. if you ever take down that shed/barn thing I WANT SOME OF THAT PEELING GREEN WOOD!