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Friday, October 1, 2010

When bargain shopping goes too far

Over the last week or so, I've been selling some of our extra things on craigslist and  It's a great way to get rid of clutter and make some extra cash.

When I list my stuff, I go for the lowest amount I'm comfortable with, and then usually stick firm. I want the stuff out fast with the least amount of inconvenience to me.

Which is what makes this story I'm about to tell you so ridiculous.

Daniel and I bought a laser printer for $40 back a few months ago. I decided to sell our inkjet printer/scanner since we weren't using it, and it was taking up space. I've got a scanner at work that I can use if necessary. I listed it for $15, since it didn't have an ethernet cable or ink.  I even offered to bring it into Provo with me. Everything else I'd sold I'd brought in with me, and the buyer would meet me at work.

So, I get this email from this guy who is interested in the printer. He said that he was partially disabled and would try to scrape together the money.  I said that that was fine, and when he had the money to let me know.  I can appreciate people not having money for things, but if you don't have the money for a printer, do you really need it? Plus, I felt like $15 was a good deal for the printer either way.

He emails me back and asked if PayPal would be an acceptable form of payment. I said that would be fine, as long as the transaction takes place with me there.  So, I got his address and said that I would stop by after work. He asked that I call him about 5 minutes before so that he could be sure to be there when I showed up.

I show up at his house, and he is sitting in his garage with the door open with a computer on a desk. And I'll tell you that if this guy is disabled, I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge or however that saying goes. Well, he wanted to plug it in and make sure it worked right then and there. I said that was fine. So, he plugs it in and scans a picture. It works. Then he says that he wants to print something.  I said that it didn't have any ink. (Which I had mentioned when he first said that he wanted to make sure it worked).  Well, he said, "When we communicated before, I was under the understanding that it had ink." I said, "I never said that." Basically, had I known he would try it out before he would buy it, I would have not sold it to this guy.

Then, he said, "Would you take $10 for it?" I said no way. I would rather take it home and use it as a scanner. The $15 price is firm.

So, after much pain and anguish, he did the paypal transfer. (Which, by the way, only came through for $14.62 anyway, not a huge deal, but he did charge me for the paypal transfer which kind of makes me mad.)

I understand wanting to get a good deal. And heaven knows I love to haggle. But, I would never ever make someone sit at my home for 45 minutes while I try out a piece of $15 equipment. To me, that is inconsiderate and weird. Especially since I drove all the way out to deliver it to him.  And like I said, had I known he was going to be so crazy about the whole thing, I would have never agreed to sell it to him.

Thank heavens the rest of my things are already sold.

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  1. What a crazy guy! $15 is WAY good for a printer that works. Wish I had known you were getting rid of it. I would have taken it.